We were all quite dead from the 24 hour plane ride over here, but I just realized how good plane food can be! Today was just a lazy day, as our professors called it. We had three cars take us all around Kampala and we went to go visit some tombs, but apparently a year ago, the tomb was burnt down and they were renevating it, so we went to a palace. We heard about some history in Uganda where they have 4 kingdoms, and each kingdom has a king which is then ruled by the president of Uganda. We went to the second palace of one of the kings. It was an interesting story of how the latest king was attacked and was exiled in Europe where he was then killed by what the Africans believe were international spies that where sent by the man who attacked him in the first place. Pretty interesting stuff! We also went his torture chamber where a guide began to explain the cruel electric torture of the water chamber in which the enemies to the late king stayed. Aparently they would fill the chamber with water, and then put an electric current through the water over and over again until they talked. They also would be put in crowded rooms where they said 10% died from suffocation and that in 11 years 25000 people died in those torture chambers. Just some fun history from Kampala, Uganda. To finish off the day, we had lamb for dinner and then had discussions on our classes: bioethics and environmental laws and policies. It was very interesting. In bioethics, our professor asked us questions that made us think of our own moral ethics. I can only imagine how this class will be.