Today was quite a long day surprisingly. We first went to church in the Kololo Ward, but we got there an hour early.  We just sat there watching as the missionaries came in and the members who where very kind to us.  During announcements, they had each of us go up there, state our name, where we were from and then we bore our testimonies.  It was nice, but it took a long time to go through us all.  I was surprised they even asked us to do that.  I got to know this beautiful and kind woman whose name was Maggie who helped me out on where to go.  Everyone was very kind and were talking to us.  I even got to say the opening prayer for relief society.  Not that it is anything special, but it is just fun to be in a different ward in a different country and they choose you to say the prayer.

Afterwards, every body wanted to take photos with us.  Maybe they don't see 20 white students very often.  haha!  The kids just posed for us and because they were just so cute, everyone wanted to take photos with them.  There were many that wanted our facebook and a few wanted to learn spanish and everyone directed them to me. Random but really fun.  I have like 10 friends on facebook now from Kampala, Africa. We also stayed for a baptism that the elders had.  It was fun to see 4 of the Lord's children take that next step in there life.  There was also an elder there who asked me if I had ever been a freshman mentor at BYU.  When I responded yes he began to tell me how  he was in my group of freshmen kids.  It was amazing that he remembered me because, to be completely honest, I don't remember any of the kids.  It is really amazing how small this world is.  

After church, we split into groups because we had a choice of either going to Lake Victoria (where the King drowned his prisoners) and going bird watching, or going to the mosque.  I, trying to keep the sabbath day holy, decided to go the mosque because I have never been to one.  It was more beautiful then I thought, but then again, I didn't really go with any expectations. We had to dress up with long skirts that covered our ankles and turbins to cover our heads.  I felt like a woman from India in those clothes.  After going through the mosque we hiked up 350 stairs to the top of a tower that seemed to overlook all of Kampala.  It was quite the site.  

I was dead tired by this point, still trying to adjust to the 9 hour difference, but we ended up going to 2 cathedrals after.  One was Turkish and the other was Roman.  The Roman Cathedral had a ton of people in it.  We decided to sit in on the ceremony.  I have never actually been inside one before.  The singing was actually very beautiful and I enjoyed the rhythm of it all.  The great part was that it was in a different language the whole time, they call it Ugandan.  All the different languages that are spoken around the world just make me want to learn all of them!  The world is a big and beautiful place worth exploring like I did today.  Something so simple but yet mind opening to see how every person communicates with God and how they find pleasure in doing so.