I think the Swiss Alps must be the best experience since Africa! We did so much hiking and it was lovely.  I haven't had a work out like that in a long time.  So in the morning, we left to go the the national park in the Swiss Alps.  We weren't quite sure where we would go because there are many trails to pick.  Some were closed because of the snow and others were too long to go on.  There were four of us, Courtney, Cassidy, Bri and I, who went on a 4 hour hike along 3 different paths.  We went down a beautiful turquoise blue river while crossing meadows of flowers that were fun to frolic through.  The way back up the path was killer on my legs.  I was not use to hiking up so much.  We kept hiking until we got up to practically the tip of the mountain.  It was a great view!  There were snow capped mountains all around but a lovely green field.  It was actually marmit territory, but unfortunately, we did not see any such creature roaming around.  We did see all the hundreds of holes they made.  We even had a Bri the Marmit.  She acted like one for us since we didn't see any.  It was quite the show!  
On the way hiking down the hill, we crossed one of the many rivers but the water was crystal clear. We didn't have any water left and we were quite thirsty and we though "Well, we aren't in America, and the water is super clear and is most likely snow melt..so...."  we ended up drinking it.  It was super cold and super refreshing and probably cleaner than the bottled water.  We have not felt any symptoms thus far.  I think we are safe. That night we went to go play soccer.  When we arrived at the field there was group of kids sitting in a circle talking.  We thought that we would just use the other side, but then they came up to us and asked if they could play with us.  I am glad they did. I had a lot of fun.  There was this cute girl who came and asked me my name.  Her's was Talina.  She then asked me where we were from.  When I said America from California she looked so amazed that she was talking to an American.  So cute!  And there were kids who played super well.  I would't be surprised to see them playing professionally some day.  We told them to come back same time tomorrow so we could play again.  They seemed very excited. 

The next day we went to a small Italian village called Livigno. It really didn't seem like we were in Italy except for the fact that I understood a lot more (especially because where we were they spoke German of Romansh).  We got to just walk around see the little tourist town, and then we sat down at a small but very nice Italian restaurant. I ended up eating pizza because a while ago I tried gnocci and I didn't really feel like pasta that day.  Man, that pizza was big!  I couldn't finish it all.  But it was super good.  Bacon and sausage. We then got gelato for like the 2nd time on this trip.  It is so good.  I am sure we are to eat more as we keep going.  Afterwards, few of us wanted to go hiking.  This time it was Cassidy, Kaelani, Carly and I who went on this hike that takes 7 hours, but we didn't want to rush it and we only had 3 hours.  So we just went as far as we could before turning around to come back. It was all up hill.  It took us a while just to find the path in the first place so we didn't get as far as we thought we would, but it sure was just nice to hike up and in the Swiss Alps.  Once we got back, we went back to play soccer with the kids.  This time, they brought their coach with them as well.  The two boys choose teams just like last time and I was the first girl picked for this kid named Noe's team.  Honestly, this kid was the best player I have ever seen.  He got past almost all of us.  He will for sure be a famous soccer player.  Another student Sin and I were saying that if only he was older we would have little crushes on him.  haha!  There was this one time when I said out loud "I love this kid" because he made three goals in a row and the other boys heard me, and understood me, and went up to him and started teasing him saying, "She loves you."  It was so cute!  All of them were so cute.  They were between the ages of 10-12.  After a while, other people from the town came in and started to play with us.  Some adults and some teenagers as well.  It became so crowded, but it sure was fun.  I enjoyed how all the girls wanted to know my name.  It made me feel like I was a good enough player that they wanted to know me. And this is our last night in Sent...actually, In Switzerland.  Now, off to visit Germany and then the Czech Republic.