On the ride down to Queen Elizabeth National Park, we stopped by the equator to see if the water really does change direction depending on whether it is on the north of south side....It really is true! I saw it with my own eyes! North is clockwise and south is counterclockwise. On the equator, there was no spin at all. Amazing! In all, Queen Elizabeth Park was not as full of life as Murchison Falls was. Though we did get the chance to see a heard of elephants up close with the cutest little baby elephants I ever did see! They practically had to run in order to catch up with their moms. We also went chimp tracking. They said it would be a hike, but it ended up being a "hack" as we call it because our guide hide to cut down lots of vines and branches with her machete because they were in our way. Our group was climbing up the face of a slippery slope and because I was close to the back, there were no places to put my feet without slipping and almlat sliding down the whole hill! All because or guide so a chimp go in that direction and we had to follow it exactly. In the end, we got to see around 4 chimps, so it was all worth it. Even though I ate it so hard. Fell into a pile of mud. The main part to going to Queen Elizabeth was to see the lions....and we got a pretty nice sight of them. We saw male lion with his female walking around. They were probably about 30 feet in front of us, but we got to see them, the king of the jungle! The best was when we were heading to our next stop in Bwindi and what a surprise our drivers had for us. They had been recently told by other drivers that there were tree lions in a certain area. None of us knew why we were still driving in the park until we came to them. It was a tree that looked like it came from The Lion King and there were two females with their cubs up in it. It was the sweetest thing. They were just hanging out there letting us drive around them taking pictures. Then we saw it! Honestly about 3 feet in front of us, there was a female lion hiding in the bushes. It was a picture perfect moment, but one of the students had to yell out at this one kid who started to lean out the window to get a good picture and it was scared away before any of us could really take a photo. But I remember being able to see every scar on it's face and every whisker. It was cool! The rest of the day was just full of driving towards Bwindi Impenetrable Forest which, again, I slept all the way there. I should have been looking at the scenery, but I sleep so well in a moving car.