Prague was such a gorgeous place. There was so much to do. Let me just give you a "small" list of all that we did. - took a lovely stroll along the river at night - went to church in Czech. Didn't understand a word, but we felt the spirit, and we met three families from America where the husbands are serving in the military and are stationed in Germany. It was also the first Sunday of the new ward. - walked around the oldest castle in central (or was it eastern) Europe. - ate Czech food for lunch (duck with dumplings and sauerkraut). - walked 13 miles around Prague just to find a cool place to visit. - visited a communist museum and learned more about how the Czechs tried to fight it. - had a drunk guy start to strip to "I'm too sexy for my shirt" (we just happened to be at a dance party at the hostel and it is Europe so...) - ate a TRDLO which is a cinnamon donut cone with icecream inside. - went Zorbing along the river There was still so much to do, but unfortunately so little time. I can see now why so many people want to go there.

We traveled through Czech Republic and got to a nice, big house close to the border of Germany.  There we made dinner for the whole clan.  We decided on taco salad and man it was so good!  The next day we went into Germany to go to a national park.  I am not sure whether we made it or not but we definitely had a good time exploring the ruins of a castle.  It was 3 in one; castle ruins, museum about the castle, and a hike that went pretty far around the mountain it was on top of.  I was pleased with what we ended up doing.  For lunch the program payed for this beer brewery restaurant that smelt awful, but the food was really good.  It was all german/czech food, but for some reason I wasn't hungry, so I got a pancake which was more like a crepe filled with fruit.  We ended up going to another castle ruins in Czech but it wasn't as big (or cool) as the the one in Germany. The whole time we had the man who rented us the houses be our guide and tell us stories of what happened before the castle was left isolated, no more to be used by the Kings and Queens of old.  We ended on a high note with some home made curry.  We have great cooks on our program!  In class we talked about the most interested topic.  Of whether an embryo is considered life or not.  We looked at it from an ethical view trying to look from all viewpoints.  We got on a heated debate once our teacher started talking about what you can do to an embryo before it is born such as turning it death if parents from the Death Community decide to do so.  Bioethics is certainly the topic to study.